sony dream machine ez-2


sony dream machine ez-2This vintage Sony Dream Machine EZ-II alarm clock radio has the short-lived, but now highly-sought-after EZ Alarm setting function, allowing the user to quickly and easily set the clock alarm by touching the Dream Bar and spinning the hour and minute dials located on the front of the unit. The casing is an attractive and rare champagne-color metallic silver-bronze. The tuning dial has a red LED tuning needle that lights up when the radio is turned on, and the AM/FM radio receives channels very well. Of course, being a Sony, it sounds great for a small alarm clock.  If you are interested in purchasing a similar atomic alarm clock, look below for special deals of rare collector’s items. The blue fluorescent gas digital display has a photo-sensitive dimmer that automatically dims multiple steps down as the ambient light gets darker. When room lights are turned off, display automatically goes to dimmest setting. This Sony Dream Machine EZ-2 alarm clock was used, and does show a few minor scuffs and scratches, as well as a couple of small corner dings. It is very clean and is free of any serious cosmetic flaws that really detract from the appearance. All functions are tested and everything is in perfect working condition. The EZ-2 measures 9.5 inches x 5 inches x 2.5 inches. This Sony Dream Machine EZ-2 sold fast, but different examples of the EZ can be found regularly on eBay. 
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This EZ Alarm clock by Sony is not a cube, but more of a flat rectangular clock. Therefore, this is not a dream cube, but rather a dream machine. It may seem like a small difference, but that is geometry.

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