sony dream machine ICF-C16W
Awesome Dream Machine

This vintage Sony Dream Machine ICF-C16W was manufactured in 1986 and has a cool rectangular block shape that sits at a slight upward angle. It has typically high-quality sound and radio reception with classic retro ’80s style. The tuning dial needle lights up when the radio is turned on, and another red LED lights in the upper left front corner when the alarm is activated. The ICF-C16W has the same pleasant blue LED digital display seen on other Dream Machines of the early ’80s. It was used, but still in excellent condition. It shows virtually no cosmetic wear, and all functions have been tested and are working properly. The Sony Dream Machine ICF-C16W vintage alarm clock radio measures 9.75 inches x 4 inches x 4 inches. This was a popular listing, and we had more than a few folks fighting for this one. It’s no wonder, just look at this thing! Sony Dream Machines simply can’t be beat for classic ’80s style. Some folks just don’t seem to appreciate these beautiful things yet, and great bargains can still be found on eBay. Check below for some fine examples of the classic Sony Dream Machine.

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Brand New Dream Cubes

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