sorcim supercalc vintage computer posterThis Sorcim IUS vintage computer software poster print is from 1985, advertising their SuperCalc software. SuperCalc was the first spreadsheet program designed with the concept of solving circular references (or "cells" that depend on each other's values). Its a a concept that is common in spreadsheets today, but SuperCalc did it for 10 full years before Lotus, Excel, etc. It was originally bundled with the very first "portable" personal computer, the Osborne-1. This poster is mounted on foamboard and framed in a classic retro gold-tone metal frame. The image is a quintessential '80s graphic of some sort of high-tech abstract landscape and makes a striking statement in any decor. There are a few stains on the back side of the foam board, but the print is in beautiful condition with no damage whatsoever. It measures 18 inches x 24 inches.