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magnavox vintage boombox

This 1980s retro Magnavox boombox is full of bells and whistles and probably cost someone a pretty penny at the retail store. The Austrian-made Magnavox boombox TR-4883/17 has detachable 2-way 4 speaker cabinets, the softest soft-touch buttons ever, and shortwave radio reception! That's right, a ghetto blaster that receives not only AM/FM broadcasts, but SW1 and SW2 signals. In addition like many retro electronics, it has a plethora of jacks, including a real 1/4" headphone jack, stereo RCA/phono input & output, 1/8" left and right external mic inputs, and even one of those '70s DIN plug adapters so you can copy your reel to reel tapes to the "new" cassette tape format! Of course, there's a convenient switch on the back that changes voltage from 110 to 220 to 240. The Magnavox TR-4883/17 was well-used, but still in very good cosmetic condition, with only minor scuffs and scratches, clean with no serious damage that detracts from the appearance, save from a slightly bent antenna (see last photo) and the scuffed area on the tuning dial window. All functions are working properly, knobs have been deoxidezed and have no scratchiness or distortion, and heads have been cleaned and demagnetized for your listening pleasure. The Magnavox boom box TR-4883/17 measures and impressive 25.75 inches x 9.25 inches x 5.5 inches. The original AC power cord is included. This boombox has sold. but eBay is the place for original vintage Magnavox boomboxes. Of course, if you want something brand new for your iPod that looks like it came straight out of 1983, then you're gonna need a Lasonic... read more