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Sony F-96 Microphone

Sony F-96 Microphone

The Sony F-96 microphone was a useful tool for many professional bootleggers taping rock concerts in the 1970s.

If you have heard live bootlegs from the Seventies, chances are you might have heard the Sony F-96 microphone in action.

What makes it so reliable is the dynamic omnidirectional design, ultra-heavy-duty rugged body, and its compact size. The Sony F-96 microphone also looks beautiful and has a good, heavy weight that makes you feel just like an important journalist or interrogator when it’s held in your hand! It has a very cool mod, retro style and a nice and clean off-white cream-color enamel finish with brushed aluminum accent. The Sony F-96 microphone measures 5.75 inches in length and is equipped with a 1/8 inch plug tip that can easily be converted to 1/4 inch jack with an adaptor (only a couple of dollars at any retail store that carries basic electronics). This beautiful, near-mint pair of vintage Sony F-96 microphones appeared to be unused with no scuffs or damage and included their original carrying cases and mic stands. They were tested, worked perfectly and actually sounded great, even good enough for live performances! We have sold this pair, but the Sony F-96 microphone can almost always be found on eBay.

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