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Vintage Teac Microphone

vintage teac microphone


Vintage Teac Microphone MC-105

A truly beautiful piece of vintage electronics, this polished brushed steel Teac MC-105 unidirectional microphone was discovered unused and complete in its original box! The vintage Teac microphone is conveniently equipped with a standard 1/4 inch plug and includes a heavy stand and base. Measuring 6.75 inches in length, the Teac MC-105 microphone works great, sounds great (especially for a small vintage microphone), and would make a interesting alternative vocal mic to that old Shure SM58 in your home recording studio or live gig! All original packaging materials were included with this Teac MC-105 mic, including instructions and a flyer explaining how to switch the mic's impedance. This item sold and was shipped to Denmark! The Teac MC-105 and other vintage Teac microphones pop up for sale on eBay often. Check below to see what's available right now... read more