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mid-century bullet lamp

This Mid-Century Modern bullet lamp flood light / ceiling fixture / wall sconce is actually an industrial indoor / outdoor model made of heavy-duty cast aluminum. It has an unmistakable retro Buck Rogers style and would be an amazing accent light for patio, porch, etc. The lamp was manufactured by Stonco of Kenilworth, NJ, who are still manufacturing industrial / commercial lighting today. It is used, and shows moderate wear and tear. No mounting screws are included, and the original rubber gasket that makes the base waterproof is also gone. Funny enough, you can actually purchase identical new old stock plates for this lamp on eBay for under $4.00. They include mounting screws and the rubber waterproof gasket (just search for Stonco 4B Hole Cover). The bullet lamp shades each measures 6 inches in diameter and stand approximately 8 inches tall to the end of the ball joint. This lamp has sold, but beautiful and unusual exterior outdoor vintage light fixtures are on eBay right now.

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mid-century bullet light

Bullet light lamp fixtures are a staple of Mid-Century Modern design and add instant authentic style to any decor.

This collection of Mid-Century Modern bullet light wall / ceiling fixtures have gold-tone spun aluminum shades with decorative accent hole patterns and have fully adjustable attachments.

There are two different brands here; the twin sconce was made by Bee Line Lighting and the two single cans were manufactured by Ward Engineering of California. The shades and bases of the bullet light set are identical in size and design. The only noticeable difference is that the Bee Line twin sconce has a matte white painted inner lining and the two Ward lights are a natural silver aluminum finish. The bullet lamps all have 5 inch diameter bases and stand approximately 10.5 inches tall in vertical position. The ceiling fixtures / wall sconces were used, and did have a few minor scuffs. The twin bullet light fixture had some faint light-color corrosion. Overall, they were still shiny, free of dents (not an easy thing to find!) and will look absolutely amazing when installed. This bullet light set sold quickly, but other bullet light fixtures and desktop bullet lamps are always available on eBay!

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eames era heyco lamp

This Heyco brand Panton /Eames-era vintage lamp has a simple and ultra-modern space age design. A heavy, dual-layer cased glass globe shade has an opaque white glass interior with a clear frosted glass exterior. It sits on a heavy black steel can-shaped base. There is a small dent on the back of the base (near the rim, see last photo). There are also a few very minor scuffs in the black surface and some tiny chips around the rim (most of which is hidden when the glass shade is in place). The shade is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks. It is brilliantly clean and has only a couple of scuffs where it sits on the rim of the base. There are absolutely no visible scratches or scuffs when it sits in the base. A subtle and stylish Space Odyssey lamp, the globe measures approximately 7.5 inches in diameter and the entire lamp stands 12 inches tall. The lamp uses any standard bulb (not included) This one received an opening bid of $90 shortly after listing.It will be gone by the end of the week... read more


panton accent light

This vintage Panton - Era Space Odyssey lamp measures approximately 9.5 inches tall from the base to top of vertically adjusting globe shade. It has a classic space age design and solid steel construction. Manufactured with quality, it is a solid and sturdy piece. The shade adjusts all the way forward and back, making the lamp a most spectacular piece of accent lighting. It looks great as a table lamp, too. The item is used, but clean and still in very good condition. There are a few minor scuffs and scratches (the worst of which are on the backside of the lamb base), but there are no dents, rust or other structural damage and no flaws that detract from the look. read more