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 The Tamura Lumitime digital clock is one of the most fascinating electrical gadgets of the 1970s. Check out our Tamura Lumitime clocks below and watch our video to find out why!

tamura lumitime clock

Tamura Lumitime C-101

This rare and beautiful Tamura Lumitime clock is the very hard-to-find model C-101. Classic Space Age retro futuristic design abounds on this black and brushed aluminum C-101, and though this clock is from the 1970s, its ultra-modern style looks a lot like a high-end item from last season’s Sharper Image catalog. Enough about the sleek and stylish design, because the display is the real attraction. It has a wonderful retro orange imitation panaplex-style display with a psychedelic starburst light design that smoothly pulsates and moves in a hypnotic fashion. The big and bright orange display is not a true LED, because the Lumitime is really a fully analog flip clock that mimics LED! We found a non-running Tamura Lumitime, and when I opened it up to take a look, I found dozens of tiny orange fluorescent fuse bulbs mounted in “8”-shaped patterns. As the clock motor turns, a series of tiny wheels rotate across copper terminals, causing the bulbs to cut on and off in a fashion that creates the digital numerals. Wow, it almost seems more complicated than modern LED displays! The Tamura Lumitime C-101 has a Hi-Lo dimmer switch is on the rear if you desire a lower level of that warm orange glow. The clock is AC powered only and does not use batteries. This Lumitime was used, and did have a few problems. The clock and starburst pattern were both working fine, but the alarm function was broken. I could hear a click when the alarm goes off, but no buzzing sound. These are complicated and testy things, but they are made of basic electronics and mechanics. There are obviously no computer chips in this thing, so if you consider yourself an intermediate mechanical electronics tinkerer, you may be able to repair and maintain Tamura Lumitime clocks. However, the clock mechanism has multiple complicated layers of plastic cogs, gears and wheels. One mistake, and you may never be able to get them back together again in the proper order! The Tamura Lumitime C-101 measures 10 7/8 inches x 4 1/4 inches x 3 1/8 inches, and looks fab in any modern environment. Scroll down to check out our rare Tamura Lumitime C-41!

Here’s our video showing a Tamura Lumitime Clock in action!


Tamura Lumitime Clocks For Sale

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Tamura Lumitime C-41

Tamura Lumitime C-41

This Tamura Lumitime model C-41 vintage alarm clock has an interesting Post Modern style, with a 2-tone cabinet in cream and brown that has a very late-70s “Contempo” look. Of course, it has the classic retro orange panaplex-style display and the animated starburst light design that makes the Lumitime so desirable. This one, like the C-101, has a Hi-Lo dimmer switch on the rear if you desire a lower level of that warm orange glow from the dozens of tiny fluorescent fuse bulbs hidden inside. This Tamura Lumitime clock was the first one we have found that actually has a working alarm. It is a classic buzz alarm, and has a top shut-off switch and sleep function. The Tamura Lumitime C-41 measures 10 7/8 inches x 4 1/4 inches x 3 1/8 inches.