Tension Pole Lamps

tension pole lampThe vintage tension pole lamp…

also known as pole lamps, tension lamps, or floor to ceiling lamps, are a quintessential lighting feature for lovers of retro 1960’s and 1970’s interior design. Tension pole lamps add a visually striking architectural feature to any room, while they also provide highly versatile task or accent lighting. Vintage tension pole lamps come in many different styles, from the wild and colorful to the sleek and tasteful.

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vintage tension pole lamp

This Mid-Century Modern tension pole lamp is a bit more sophisticated than most. Unlike the typically loud & funky 1960’s retro look most vintage tension lamps display, this one has a very sleek and industrial Modernist style. It has a universally stylish chrome and black color scheme with simple u-shaped metal brackets that hold the three spotlight lamps. A convenient 3-way switch turns on one lamp, then two, and then all three, giving you just the right amount of light for your decorating needs. This tension pole lamp has a nice understated style, and it really fits in with just about any modern contemporary style…no starburst wall clocks or naugahide lounge chairs are required to make this look like it was meant for your living room! This spring-loaded tension pole lamp adjusts from 91 to 101 inches in length, and the shades measure 7.25 inches in diameter. Scroll down for more tension pole lamps from our collection!

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tension pole lamp This sleek Mid-Century Modern tension pole lamp has a design that opts more for simple, modernist lines than far out retro flair. It has a subtle metallic gold and mushroom taupe color scheme with three lights, each with their own long fluted on-off switches. A typically versatile pole lamp, it has lights that can be adjusted in any direction, and the spring loaded tension bar at the top allows the lamp to fit in any vertical floor to ceiling space measuring approximately 88 inches to 99 inches. The lamp is in very good condition, showing only light use. There is some chipped gold on one of the metal shades, and a scratched area at the bottom of the gold pole segment (see last two photos below). Finally, the base pole is missing a little screw-in end cap / foot. This doesn’t affect its ability to stand sturdily upright. The lamp works perfectly with no glitches. It is clean and still looks great for its age! We have a few more tension pole lamps in storage, and are always looking for more. We will continue to add pictures of tension pole lamps to this page in the future, so check back sometime!

tension pole lamp