The Electro-Pointer and Vintage Electric Pencil Sharpeners

Electro-Pointer Pencil Sharpener 

Welcome to our collection of vintage electric pencil sharpeners, including the beloved Electro-Pointer pencil sharpener.

This is an original 1940s Electro-Pointer electric pencil sharpener, manufactured by the Triple E Products / Stile Craft company of St. Louis, Missouri. Wiith classic Art Deco Machine Age styling and an effectively-engineered design, the Electro-Pointer works as good or better than today’s modern electric models. A beautifully-formed black phenolic or bakelite housing that looks almost like a front fender and headlight of an old Buick. The Electro-Pointer has an aerodynamic fin shape that travels down the rear and front drawer, and the pencil hole size is adjusted from small, medium, and large by turning the circular border around the hole. The housing covers a typically over-engineered piece of early-1940s American machinery that looks more like something out of an airplane engine than an office desk accessory. The Electro-Pointer automatically turns on by simply inserting a pencil. It moves a lever that tilts a large mercury switch, which causes the motor to spin when the mercury bridges the electrical current. Its actually very fun to watch in action with the cover off, the exposed inner unit is bolted to a heavy slip-proof base, and the Electro-Pointer can actually be used without the black outer housing. The entire unit measures 5 7/8 inches x 3 5/8 inches x 8 1/4 inches. These models, like old sewing machines, need to be oiled. Speaking of sewing machines, sewing machine oil probably a better way to go than standard 3-in1 Oil. It is less viscous and less likely to hold graphite and shaving dust in the moving parts, which will eventually gunk up your Electro-Pointer motor and sharpeners.Electro-Pointer Pencil Sharpener interior