TRS-80 Computer


I was introduced to computers in the second grade, and the TRS-80 was the first computer used by myself and countless others of my generation. This is the original Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Model I computer (Tandy Radio Shack is where the TRS-80 got its name). The unit shown has a stamped manufacturing date of April, 1979. The TRS-80 computer keyboard casing contains the Zilog Z80 computer processor, and the keyboard itself is a full-size model with classic QWERTY style layout (not even considered a feature on modern computers, but a big selling point back in 1977!). Check out this short video of our TRS-80 running the classic Termites BASIC program!

TRS-80 computer keyboardThe TRS-80 Model I has a separate 12-inch black & white video display monitor with matching pewter silver & black color scheme. The monitor has a cool & chunky silver power button and all athe fine-tuning controls needed to get the perfect picture, including brightness, contrast, and vertical & horizontal hold. This was the $599 model (which, based on inflation, translates to about $1,880.00 in today’s money). It originally included the keyboard processor unit, the Video Display monitor, a cassette tape storage drive, a power supply adaptor, and a huge 232-page instruction manual that is quite comprehensive and unusually entertaining to read. It reads like BASIC for Dummies, and will have you programming in no time. It also includes a series of programs you can try out on the TRS-80 that range from a single line to lengthy runs that produce fairly complicated graphics, games, spreadsheets, and more (complicated for an8-bit 1970s computer, anyway). Of course, you can find enough programs on the ol’ interweb to have you typing code for a lifetime, too. Scroll down for more about the TRS-80…like how to test if it is working correctly!

Are you a TechnoHead getting bored with today’s “modern” technology? Sick of computers trying to guess what you are trying to do to them? Take back control of the computer! Make it bend to your will! Hurry…before the computers take over!

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trs-80 test screen

Why not challenge your skills and buy an old-school Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80? And, no, I don’t know if I mean “old-school” or “old…from a school”.

How to be sure your TRS-80 is working properly

If you want to be sure your TRS-80 vintage computer is operating at its fullest potential, always perform the following test after powering up the unit…especially if it has been in storage for a long time. When you see the READY prompt, simply type P.M. and press the ENTER key. If the number 3583 pops up, that means your TRS-80 computer is clear of junk memory and working at peak performance. If a different number pops up, shut down the computer, start it up again, and repeat. This usually clears up the problem and assures you that the huge program you are typing will work as planned!


 The chunky black keys of the TRS-80 Model 1 have a feel and sound that instantly took me back to the second grade. Of course, our school also had two brand new TRS-80 Model III computers, complete with built-in 5.5 inch floppy disk drive (whoa, futuristic!). We are always looking for the TRS-80 and other vintage computers & retro video games to rescue, to bring back to their full potential, and to play with! TRS-80