vintage platform shoes


vintage platform shoes

Check out these super-groovy 1970’s vintage platform shoes we found!

They are made of brown leather and dark brown suede with big ol’ natural cork soles. Made in Brazil for the obscure, and obviously defunct, The Wild Pair company, these slightly subdued vintage platform shoes have an unusual hipster feel, as opposed to a more opulent disco look. The heels measure 3.5 inches tall. These shoes sold twice! They were too small for the first purchaser, but they sold the week after they were returned to us and were shipped out to Australia to a much happier customer! Vintage platform shoes in many colors, styles and sizes are available on eBay [phpbay]vintage platform shoes, , , 40s 40’s 50s 50’s 1950s 1950’s 1940s 1940’s 1980s 1980’s 80s 80’s 1990s 1990’s 90s 90’s 2000’s 2000s steampunk look inspired pumps coach poetic license bordello style strappy new lace-up evening nyla pinup modern antique, , , 19, , , , , , 4, , , [/phpbay]

The quintessentially retro look of vintage platform shoes

Vintage platform shoes have a look that absolutely demands attention wherever they are worn. Remember ‘I’m Gonna Get You Sucka!’? Those stack platform shoes made out of goldfish tanks? Well, most vintage platform shoes aren’t as wild and crazy as all that. Most vintage platform shoes just tell people that you are a cool and outgoing individualist with a keen sense of cutting-edge style. However, if you are in need of a pair of goldfish tank platform shoes…

Platform Shoes With Gold Fish in Soles!

1970s vintage platform shoes.