vintage case xx knife 6445R

The Case XX 6445R Pocket Knife

Since World War II, the Case knife has been the highly-sought-after utility tool of choice for generations of Scouts, campers, and young boys across the country. This vintage Case XX knife model 6445R shows moderate use, but is still in sturdy shape with no cracks, chips, loose bits or structural flaws. The blades pull out smoothly and snap back swiftly (careful, they’re still pretty sharp). The scalloped bone handle shows considerable use, but is still in very good shape. Blades show age and tarnish, but there seems to be no rust anywhere. Great for everyday use, it feels good just sitting in the palm of your hand. Longest blade measures 2.25 inches.

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Why buy some piece of total crap flea market knife when you can get a classic Case XX Scout Camp Pocket Knife?  The Case knife is one of a kind.  The brown bovine bone handle has a leather-like style and a timeless look.  This is a great piece of Americana. A new Case knife is an heirloom worth passing down. A vintage Case knife eminantes a history when you hold it in your hand. This particular Case XX knife has two blades and two tools included.  Some Case XX knives we have located for purchase above have additional or fewer blades and alternate features of this vintage Case XX Scout Camp Pocket Knife.  Check out the beautiful examples we have located for you.  This is a classic gift for a man to give to boy.

Of course, you will want to teach your child the best ways to use a knife and the safety issues associated with it.  But, isn’t that what camping and Scouting is all about? Enjoy and have a great day! Come back when you are looking for fantastic Case XX knives, vintage camping and outdoor sports and supplies.