Vintage Electric Blankets

vintage electric blanketsVintage electric blankets aren’t just nostalgic oddities from your childhood…they are incredibly effective instruments of winter comfort. Here you can find a curated collection of vintage electric blankets for sale.

vintage electric blankets

This Beacon electric blanket is a “fully automatic” model (whatever that means) with single heat controller. Made in the late 1960’s at the Beacon electric blanket factory on Main Street in Beacon, New York. It’s a polyester / acrylic blend in Beacon’s “goldenrod” hue, a bold, orangey yellow.

vintage electric blankets

The heat controller has classic mid-century styling (how about that cool arrow-shaped control knob?). The controller has an illuminated power indicator that tells you when it’s heating. Some vintage electric blankets even have dual control boxes so hot and cold sleepers can share the blanket and adjust their side to the desired heat setting!

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