Vintage Emerson Junior Fans

emerson junior fan

The Emerson Junior Fan

This red badge Emerson Junior fan model 2660-C vintage electric fan has a 12-inch diameter pancake blades, a ridiculously heavy cast iron base, and a beautifully-styled cage. First produced in 1939, it is finished in a classic Machine Age gray with a bullet back and V-shaped cage, and functions at two speeds with an optional oscillator function. This vintage electric fan shows its age, and has some discoloration and patina in the metal finishes, but it has been dismantled and thoroughly cleaned (as we do with all vintage fans we sell). The metal is polished and there is only faint rust or corrosion. The blades are clean and in excellent condition, and the paint is all original. Some of the wiring, however, does not appear to be original…but it’s definitely old. Everything is sturdy and wired correctly, and the fan still works perfectly. Completely rewiring it is not a very difficult task, but it appears to be working just fine as it is. This is a clean and useable example of a classic American fan. It works as good as it did over 70 years ago, is stronger and quieter than anything made today, and the style cannot be beat. The Emerson Junior fan stands approximately 16.5 inches tall.

Watch our Video of this Emerson Junior Fan in action

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