1970s vintage eyeglasses

Vintage Eyeglasses Frames of the 1970s

Check out our gallery of Vintage Eyeglasses, frames in every color of the rainbow! They are all new old stock frames from an Atlanta Optometrist that closed down in the late 1970s, and these fab vintage eyeglasses represent the quintessential fashion of that groovy decade. Scroll down further for mens vintage eyeglasses.

vintage eyeglasses

Womens Vintage Eyeglasses

These womens vintage eyeglasses have translucent plastic frames in a wide variety of gradients, patterns and tortoise shells. Of course, the common trait among all of them are the  large, oversized lenses.

vintage eyeglasses vintage eyeglasses vintage eyeglasses

Mens Vintage Eyeglasses

These mens’ vintage eyeglasses are from the aforementioned Optometrist’s unsold stock, so these date up to the very late 1970s. They feature the same translucent plastic lenses in different gradient colors, patterns and tortoise shells. They make me feel like James Woods when I wear them, and I immediately want to throw on an old leather Members Only Jacket and hop into a Datsun 280.

vintage eyeglasses