Vintage Lakewood Fans

Lakewood Engineering & Manufacturing is still around today, but there are legions of followers who swear by their vintage Lakewood fan. Lakewood electric fans were assembled in the USA, and Lakewood fans of the 1980s are vastly superior in build and style compared to the “modern” dumped import fans at Whatever-Mart. We are big electric fan lovers, and Lakewood fans seem to stand the test of time better than most. Scroll down to read about a few vintage Lakewood fans we have come across, and find a vintage Lakewood fan for sale.

vintage lakewood fan

vintage lakewood fan HV-1289

Vintage Lakewood Fan model HV-1289

This well-built Lakewood vintage electric fan is a classic tilting floor model that is compact, quiet and powerful…exactly what you would expect from a vintage Lakewood. It has opaque gray plastic fan blades measuring 10 inches in diameter. The blade and motor is housed in a shiny chrome cage that rocks up and down on a tubular chrome steel frame. White plastic accents on the front and back give the fan a clean style. The classic ’80s Lakewood logo emblem sits in the center. The Lakewood fan model HV-1289 has three speeds and is in perfect working condition. It has been meticulously cleaned inside and out, and is as clean and looks better than anything outside of “new in box”. It is ready to use out of the shipping container. The fan stands approximately 16 inches tall in vertical position.

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vintage lakewood fan

 Vintage Lakewood Fan model HV18

This totally solid Lakewood vintage electric fan is an industrial-strength floor model that is compact, but powerful enough to cool an entire room. It has blue powder-coated metal blades measuring 11 inches in diameter. They sit inside a shiny chrome cage that adjusts vertically on a tubular chrome frame. Blue plastic accents pieces on the front and rear match the color of the blades. It has three speeds and is in perfect working condition. It is very quiet and powerful (just like a Lakewood should be), and the clean and classic look works in any decor. The fan stands approximately 17 inches tall at vertical position. When we found it, this vintage Lakewood fan was absolutely covered in filth, but appeared to be in great shape under all the dust and goo. As we do with all of our fans, we completely dismantled it and cleaned every nook and crevice inside and out. It sold fast, and the new owner told us how shocked they were by the clean condition! That’s what your friendly Retro Store calls a successful rescue!

 Check out our Vintage Electric Fans section, where you will find many types of vintage fans (along with some other retro home appliances). We will continue to add every vintage Lakewood fan we locate to this page to help you find your perfect retro wind machine.