Vintage Panasonic Electric Fan

Vintage Panasonic Electric Fans

Vintage Panasonic Electric Fan

This 1980’s vintage Panasonic electric fan has a big 16-inch translucent acrylic blade in a gray smoky quartz tone. Its basically your classic early-1980’s Galaxy style table fan, only super-sized! The Panasonic F1609C is a 3-speed oscillating model with a sleek black, white and gray color scheme, and a spacey control panel with lozenge-shaped buttons.


The grill cover does not have the usual polished stainless steel finish, but an interesting satin-finish “natural” metal look that is pleasing to the eyes and gives the fan a very modern look.


The Panasonic F1609C is a well-made and smoothly-operating oscillating table fan, and the blades make a beautifully hypnotic humming sound. It stands approximately 25 inches in height. This fan is in wonderful condition and looks like it got very little use. ¬†As with all electric fans, this one was torn down and meticulously cleaned inside and out, and is probably as close to “factory refurbished” as you can get for a home appliance that’s about 30 years old.

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