red tvThis totally ’80s red TV is the perfect monitor for retro gaming!

The Emerson EC10R vintage color television has an awesome red TV cabinet and radical retro style.

It has a bright and sharp 10-inch color screen, chrome push-button channel controls and volume slider, a chunky yellow power button, black accents and cool modern graphics. It has a quintessentially 1980s Contempo / Post-Modern appearance with simple geometric lines and smooth rounded edges (kinda like a giant Sony Dream Machine cube clock radio). It would make a great monitor for your classic Nintendo NES or Sega Genesis video game consoles, as it has convenient RCA video/audio inputs and outputs. However, you will need some sort of adapter for your Atari 2600, because the Emerson EC10R is so “futuristic” that it has neither a coaxial cable input nor old-fashioned screw-post terminals. A simple switch on the back changes the function from analog signal to A/V input signal, which overrides all the channel signals. There are plenty of knobs and switches that allow the user to dial in the desired screen image, including tiny fine-tuning dials that help to “program” and lock in analog signals for each individual channel (small plastic stylus instrument is factory-included to make the adjustments). We have not tested this or the TV’s reception, as analog signals are no longer available in the U.S. Finally, there is a DC 9V input, so the unit can be powered inside an automobile with the proper adapter. The entire unit measures 11 inches x 12 inches x 13.5 inches. This Emerson EC 10R color TV was definitely used and shows some scuffs and scratches on the surfaces, especially on the clear acrylic protective screen cover (apparently did its job!). The cover is also missing the tabs that hold it securely to the unit, so it will need a few dots of adhesive when it arrives at its final destination to keep it from drooping or falling off. Finally, the screen does show a greenish haze in the upper right corner when the screen goes light. We really don’t know what this means, but we did notice that the longer the TV was on, the less noticeable it was. We had it running for about 30 minutes, but it did not disappear entirely. Otherwise, the screen quality is crisp, clear and colorful, just like the physical appearance of this awesome Space Age red TV.

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