bandai god sigmaThis Bandai Godaiken God Sigma robot set is the real deal from 1982.

He is often referred to as Godsigma, though his official name is Space Emperor God Sigma...either way, its the baddest name for a robot we ever heard.

God Sigma is comprised of three different robots...Kaimeiou, Kuuraiou, and Rikushin'ou (Sky Thunder King, Sea Rumble King and Land Quake King), who combine to create Space Emperor God Sigma.  Commanded by head pilot / martial artist Toshiya Dan, Space Emperor God Sigma and his mighty sword defend Earth in the year 2050 from attacking alien forces who want to steal our energy supply! Will God Sigma triumph over the alien empire of Elda? We will just have to wait 40 years or so to find out, I guess.

This original Bandai GoDaiken God Sigma transformer was imported to the United States around 1982 (right after the end of the original airings of the Japanese anime cartoon). Like other giant robots in this series, God Sigma has loads of detail, tons of accessories, and lots of style. They are highly sought-after, as they should be, because they are some of the most visually impressive classic toys out there. Their bright colors and unmistakabley classic Japanese robot looks make them beautiful display pieces. This particular God Sigma  was barely played Dynaman got the most enjoyment / abuse, and you will only get him whe you pry him from my cold, dead hands. There is barely a scratch on the robots, and, if I weren't the one who originally played around with them, I would say this God Sigma may have never been used. The set was missing one of the two shoulder rods (the little silver things on Godsigma's shoulders, used when assembling the large robot). I searched through box after box of my old toys, through loose bits, weapons from every genre, decapitated action figure heads,'s just not there. All other pieces were intact and in near-mint condition. The box was also in very good shape with some wear around the edges and dinged corners, but no rips, split seams or other structural damage. See bottom of page for more photos of this robot. God Sigma sold at auction and now lives with a new owner in Italy, but he and other vintage Bandai GoDaiken transformer robots show up often on eBay.

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