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Pro-Tec Classic & Old-School Skateboard Helmets

pro-tec classic skateboard helmet


This totally rad 1980s Pro-Tec classic skateboard helmet is the original iconic full-cut model that covers the ears. This was my personal helmet, purchased in 1988 and was originally marked as a size Medium. Funny enough, it still fits me today. This particular classic skateboard helmet shows scuffs and scratches on the shell, but was never actually used much. I wore it once at Kona Skate Park, where most of the scratches came from tossing it around the concrete. I was a street skater, not a ramp rider, so it was worn about 5 more times and stored away for 20+ years. The removable padding and the shell was washed and the helmet was sold ready to wear out of the box. It was shipped to North Carolina. read more


vintage metal wheel skateboard

Prepare to skate back in time, back to the dangerous 1960s, when you could cruise down local suburban hills on this deathtrap...and without a helmet, of course. Atomic Space Junk always has the best in vintage skateboards all the time.  This Fli-Back Skate Racer vintage skateboard has "really-old-school" sidewalk surfin' metal wheels with yellow hubcaps and a fun red color scheme. Straight from High Point, North Carolina (not exactly known for its pioneering skateboard scene), it has a thick and rigid solid maple plank deck with cool retro race car graphics. It really does feel like it came from High Point, which IS known for the factories that have manufactured top-quality American-made wood furniture for over 100 years. Fli-Back also manufactured other outdoor sports equipment for kids, but their skateboards had a distinctive style with a bright red color that tinted all of their models throughout the '60s. The deck measures 21.5 x 5.5 inches and has absolutely no flex. It is in strong condition with no cracks or structural flaws. Paint has faded and worn, but most of the graphics remain intact. The trucks and wheels spin and turn freely, though the wheels are completely discolored from rust. A solid board that looks pretty good on the wall and is meant to be ridden and enjoyed. This Fli-Back vintage skateboard sold to a collector in Australia, but there are always a few cool old Fli-Backs for sale on eBay.

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california free former skateboard

This bodacious 1970s vintage California Free Former skateboard is an American classic.

The California Free Former skateboard is the original banana board that countless kids first learned how to skate on (and fall off of). Its a neck-breaking slalom-type skateboard with a nylon plastic deck that has some hardcore flexibility. It is not an easy thing to ride, but its a lot of fun (and a little dangerous) to learn. We may never know exactly how many emergency room visits were instigated by this particular model, but we would bet the number is impressive. read more

Hobie Super Surfer Vintage Skateboard

Hobie Super Surfer vintage skateboard

This awesome Hobie Super Surfer vintage skateboard is 100% original, complete and still in great condition.

It is hard to find of these classics without some use, but find one that is well-cared-for, then buy it.  These Hobis Super Surfers are still a very enjoyable and responsive rides for a deck of this size.  The deck measures 21.74 inches x 5.75 inches and is .75 inches thick. read more


hosoi hammerhead

This authentic Skull Skates Christian Hosoi Hammerhead skateboard deck is lightly thrashed, but still sturdy with most of the tail and graphics intact.

This Hosoi Hammerhead was purchased in 1988, but i think it was made in 85-86.

These things were bootlegged throughout the '80s, but this is the real deal. The original Skull Skates logo appears in yellow below the lower truck holes, though it is a bit scratched. There are holes drilled down each side where rails were once installed and four additional truck mounting holes were drilled at the front to shorten the wheelbase. The grip tape has been removed, leaving a couple of tacky spots, and there are only patches of the original black paint on top, but it is ready for new tape right away. The nose and tail have some chips knocked out of the plywood layers with the tail showing most of the damage on the upper (grip tape) side of the deck. The stickers have no rhyme or reason, whatever was free at the time...really. Trackers only? I owned one pair, broke the base plates in a month, and still put their sticker on this thing because it was free? Enough about crappy trucks, if you don't like the stickers they can easily be removed with "Goo Gone" without damaging the finish. There are also some thin vertical stress cracks around some of the truck holes, but this board was recently ridden around the neighborhood a few times and is still perfectly strong...should hold up to most normal riding conditions short of a 6 foot acid drop. The Hosoi Max Hammerhead deck measures 30.75 inches x 10.5 inches at widest points. I used to consider it the ugliest board i ever rode, but it's a fun and smooth ride for ramps and street cruising. This Hosoi Hammerhead sold at auction and is now shredding the streets and ramps of Japan! You can buy genuine 1980's Hosoi Hammerhead skateboard decks (and new old-school reissues) on eBay, so check below to see what's available today!
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per welinder freestyle deck

A prized possession from Christmas 1988, this is my original Powell Peralta Per Welinder Freestyle deck.

I originally got this Per Welinder Freestyle deck complete with Independent trucks and Powell Freestyle wheels. Unfortunately, the wheels were taken off years later and worn to nothing, while the trucks are currently lost in a room full of boxes. At least the deck is still here, and though it shows obvious wear and cosmetic damage, you can still see the Nordic Skull design (which has always been my favorite Powell graphic). The grip tape is enthusiastically decorated with the logos of a few favorite punk and hardcore bands of the day. Scroll to the bottom of the page for a few more pics. A few old Tracker trucks stickers adorn the underside. I always hated Trackers, because I actually broke a few of those crummy plastic baseplates in my day. They were stuck there because, why else, they were free and I was bored! The tail has moderate wear, but not missing any length. Small tail guards were originally installed, so there are two drilled holes on both ends (the old Rat Nuts grommets are still crammed in the holes, too!). There are a couple of small vertical stress cracks on the upper truck holes, but they are on the surface only and don't go below the first ply. Despite it's cosmetic flaws, it's still a perfectly sturdy deck and is meant more to be ridden and enjoyed rather than displayed on a wall. The Per Welinder Freestyle deck measures 27 inches x 7.25 inches.  We have since sold my old Per Welinder Freestyle deck, which now resides in California. The freestyle model is quite hard-to-find these days (as with most '80s freestyle decks, but they do show up on eBay now and then, and you can usually get the old school full-size Street Style decks with those same iconic Nordic Skull graphics.
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beer city skateboard

This ultra-rare circa 1990s Duane Peters Beer City skateboard is the perfect outfit for old-school'ers like us.

The deck has a fairly modern shape and big upturned nose, but with a squared tail and a genuine classic feel...a fitting design for the original skate punk, Duane Peters. Not one of those miniature pencil-thin decks the kids use today, it's actually a normal-sized board with deep concave and steep tail. Its the perfect size for those of us who are taller than 5'6" or for those of us who aren't Rodney Mullen. It is complete with original Duane Peters Beer City 61mm wheels, Indy-like Pivot US9 trucks, and classic Bridge Bolt fasteners (the only truck bolts I have never broken...why don't they make these anymore!?). Though it was used, it is still in great shape with only minor wear and tear showing. There is a small chunk of top ply missing near Duane's head, other than that there's only some very minor tail wear and the usual scuffs and scratches. Measuring 8 5/8 inches x 32 3/4 inches, I would consider this to be the perfect ride for ramps, bowls and street skating. We have now sold this Duane Peters Beer City Skateboard, and Beer City Skateboard decks are really hard to find, but there are lots of awesome Duane Peters skateboards available...

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jim rippey 1998 flexdex

This very hard-to-find 1998 Jim Rippey Flexdex longboard skateboard has totally awesome and offensive graphics of a Frank Frazetta - inspired topless demon woman standing in front a wall of flames. The complete skateboard has all the original factory parts that came with it: Gullwing HPG IV trucks (no, not the split axle ones), Sector 9 65mm 78a Wheels, Greaseballs bearings, 1/8 inch riser pads, and the original custom-cut Rippey grip tape. The wheels are a cool translucent blue/green color you can't really see in the photos and the trucks have a light gold tint to them. The board was lightly used, but still in great condition. There is a chip in the nose that could be glued back down (see last photo). Other than a few scuffs and scratches, there are no other major cosmetic flaws and no other structural damage. This rare and awesome cruiser measures 35 5/8 inches x 8 5/8 inches.
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