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Vintage Nash Skateboards

Check our vintage Nash skateboard collection from the '70s and '80s. You can find tons of cool vintage Nash Skateboards for sale here, too...maybe even your first skateboard! This section covers classic Nash Skateboards of the 1970's...Scroll down the page for the old-school 1980s Nash Skateboards! read more


1980s powell peralta tony hawk deck

This skate punk special is a late 1980s Powell Peralta Tony Hawk skateboard deck.

It’s totally thrashed cosmetically, showing very little of the classic Powell Peralta Tony Hawk chicken skull design.

In addition, it has been repeatedly defaced with markers and paint. It was originally equipped with rib bones, but they were removed (hence the lack of graphics), so there are holes drilled down each side. The tail shows obvious moderate wear, but most of it is still intact and it still ollies just fine. The deck measures 28 inches x 9.25 inches at widest points. The grip tape is covered in permanent marker graffiti, a youthful and enthusiastic display of the favorite skate rock bands, companies and videos of the day. Steve Caballero's Odd Man Out and the legendary McRad, Powell's Ban This and H-Street's Shackle Me Not, Natas’ Santa Monica Airlines and Batman's like a 1989 back issue of Thrasher magazine threw up all over this thing. This Powell Peralta Tony Hawk skateboard is a thing all its own…a completely unique item that shows a lot of history and is meant to be used, not gawked at. There are some vertical stress cracks around some of the truck holes, but this board was recently ridden and is still perfectly strong...should hold up to most normal riding conditions. When you think of a chicken hawk, think a fun skateboard instead of someone who starts wars from an armchair.  Just saying...This Powell Peralta Tony Hawk skateboard sold, but you can still find the occasional Old-School Hawk deck on eBay. read more


metal wheel roller skates

This rad pair of vintage metal roller skates was still brand new in box when we shipped them to their new owner. A hardcore way to try out the real thing, these "Jet Set" roller skates from Globe Skates / Chilton have adjustable insole measurement from 8 inches to 11 inches and have the original leather straps and plaid ankle pads. If you prefer skateboarding to this 8-wheeled daredevil behavior, you can grab some 2x4's and nails and make yourself a couple of "old-school" skateboards / sidewalk surfers, or just get these skates for the wheels and replace the old rusty ones on your existing Rinky-Dink, Nash, Fli-Back, etc. The wheels spun nicely, and had super-cool painted red wall hub caps. Our Jet Sets sold fast, but more vintage metal wheel roller skates are easy to find on eBay. read more

Valterra Back To The Future Skateboard

back to the future valterra skateboard

This totally rad 1985 old-school Valterra Back To The Future skateboard with, you guessed it, generic trucks, generic wheels and generic bearings. The deck measures 10.5 inches x 30 inches and is structurally sound with no cracks. There is normal wear and tear from about 6 months of use. The nose guard is missing, and the screws are still in the holes. The tail guard is missing , too, and the tail shows a little wear. The Shred Gear rails and one of those ridiculous truck guards are all intact and have some light wear, but no cracks or structural damage. The blue wheels have no markings and are a bit dirty, but are still in very good shape. They feel like they are made out of melted Tupperware bowls. The bearings are those gross old generic types that are deathtrap slow, look funny and are filled with thick grease. Remember when you would fall forward off some kid’s cheap skate because the wheels barely rolled? These are the ones! They are not rusty and work exactly the same as they did 27 years ago…terribly. The trucks are marked VIP9 along with their specifications "380g" and "150mm". They have scratched paint, but have not been grinded down and are not missing any metal mass. The bushings are still in good shape. Since it's a Valterra, it's more for looks than for riding, but it sure looks cool. read more