Commodore Amiga 500 Computer (1987)

The Commodore Amiga 500 computer and its peripheral devices.

Amiga 500

This Commodore Amiga 500 computer is shown above with power supply, mouse controller, and the Amiga 1080 color monitor. Below is a shot of the keyboard / processor, which looks a lot like a big, souped-up Commodore 64C.

Amiga 500

Amiga 500 Amiga 500 Amiga 500

amiga 500

Commodore offered a variety of accessories and peripheral devices that could be added to the basic processor system.

The Amiga 501 512KB RAM Expansion Card for the Amiga 500 Computer

Amiga 500

Original box shown above (along with the original power supply and mouse). Commodore offered a 512KB RAM expansion card for the A500. In addition to expanding the memory of the Amiga 500 to 1 full megabyte, the card contains a clock and calendar with battery backup, allowing automatic date and time entry at power up.Amiga 500

The Amiga 1010 3.5" External Floppy Disk Drive

Amiga 500

Pictured above is the Amiga 1010 external floppy disk drive, a rugged and reliable unit sold as an accessory to the Amiga 500 computer, which already has a built-in floppy disk drive. Features include 880K formatted storage capacity, fast data transfer rates, and supports MS-DOS and Data General One platforms with the "Transformer" PC emulator software from Amiga.

The Amiga 1080 Color Monitor

Amiga 1080 monitorThis Amiga 1080 color monitor with sound was sold separately as a peripheral to the Amiga 500 computer. Below is a screenshot of the AmigaOS v1.3 operating system booting up on the 500.Amiga 500

Amiga 1080 monitorThe Amiga 1080 color monitor also has standard rca a/v inputs on the rear for video game systems and dvd / vcr, making it not only the perfect accompaniment to the Amiga 500 computer, but a great all-around unit for your old-school CRT needs.

Amiga 500 Software

amiga 500 software

amiga 500 software amiga 500 software