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Huffy Thunder Road BMX Bike

The Huffy Thunder Road is an iconic ride from the 1970's and early 1980's, though its popularity is now largely overshadowed by the classic Schwinn Stingray as the premier vintage muscle bike. However, the Huffy Thunder Road was a highly-coveted and desirable bike in its day...and why not? It looks very much like a Stingray, but the Thunder Road is souped up with colorful molded plastic fenders, knobby front and rear tires, and a cool racing number tag. It has an ultra-tough dirt bike motorcycle styling, and its intimidating looks were definitely more "boy-friendly" than the Stingrays of the era. This 1981 Huffy Thunder Road old-school BMX bike has a satin black paint job, overstuffed Troxel "bread loaf" banana seat, Shimano coaster brake, and all-original parts, including the number plate. It is still in great shape, showing very little rust or chipped paint. Scroll Down for more pictures and to see some awesome Huffy Thunder Road bikes for sale. read more

Firestone Bicycles

vintage firestone bicycle

This vintage Firestone Flight 880 24-inch bicycle has an amazing vintage style and color scheme, which is so quintessentially retro that it almost seems like a modern reproduction. The bike has a metallic turquoise blue finish with white graphics, white hand grips with flashy red Firestone logos on the undersides, and original Firestone whitewall tires. It has a comfortable and cool-looking padded vinyl seat that matches the bike, complete with shiny silver trim. The Flight 880 has an easy-to-ride 15" frame. The original "gas can" tank is intact and houses a battery-powered headlight system. An attractive metal coverplate overlays the top of the tank and has a decorative etched line pattern. The bicycle is still in very good condition for its age. It was meticulously cleaned and detailed for many hours. The original steel battery pack was rusted out and the light bulbs were blown. We replaced the bulbs, and the battery pack was also replaced with a plastic one from Radio Shack (it still runs on 2 "D" batteries like before). The original clear plastic light cover is missing. The bicycle shows pitting in the chrome and there are some rust spots on the rims. The turquoise finish also has tiny dark spots covering it. I have had other vintage bicycles from the 1950s and 1960s, and they had these same dark spots. I do not know how to remove them, but they are not really noticeable from a short distance. The tires show some cracking, but appear to be very sturdy and flexible. The inner tubes probably need to be replaced, as the valves stems seem have slow leaks (maybe the valves can be cleaned or adjusted?). Overall, the bike is in very good, clean and sturdy shape, and, after some light oiling and fixing the inner tubes, will be ready to ride. Batteries will come pre-installed, though they may need to be replaced eventually (it takes about 5-10 minutes to remove and replace them). This Firestone Bicycle may still be available, check below to see if it is still in stock.
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GT Vertigo Old School Freestyle Bike

GT Vertigo Old-School Freestyle Bike

GT Vertigo

This 1996 GT Vertigo old-school BMX freestyle bike has a totally radical black & metallic red splatter paint job and classic late '80s-style GT Performer frame & fork. The GT Vertigo is 99 percent original; only the seat was replaced with an ugly padded Bell seat (and it should most definitely be replaced, too). The GT Vertigo has an Odyssey Gyro II rotor and Bulldog brakes, a cool aircraft aluminum GT head stem, Rigida 48's rims, and Kenda street / freestyle tires that look nearly new. The frame, fork, handlebars, layback seat post & clamp, cranks, sprocket and pedals are all stamped with the GT logo. The bike was only lightly used, but spent some time outdoors. We detailed it with chrome polish and cleaned it thoroughly, and it is still in really good shape. There is some minor rust in a few spots, mostly on bolts, the crank, sprocket and chain. The front brake cable is frozen, rear brakes work decently, but are still a little slow and sticky. Like most old hand grips, the grip tips are gone. The rear rim has some dents/damage, but is still rideable. Front rim is ok. I rode it around the neighborhood a few times, and it performs decently, but it really needs to be lubed in all the moving parts. The bones are very sturdy on this bike, it just needs a little attention and maintenence so it can shred the streets again. read more

Schwinn Stingray Fair Lady

schwinn stingray fair lady

Schwinn StingRay Fair Lady 

This vintage Schwinn Stingray Fair Lady bicycle was found in an old barn along with a sparkle blue Schwinn Stingray muscle bike. This adorable pink Schwinn Stingray Fair Lady and the boys' blue Schwinn Stingray counterpart were literally rescued from certain disaster, just hours before they were to be sold and dragged off by a scrap dealer! The Pepto Bismol pink Schwinn Stingray Fair Lady had all original parts and paint and was still in great condition. There was virtually no rust on this bike because we spent days cleaning and detailing it after we dragged it out of 33+ years of storage. It was lightly used by a small girl and had a few minor scuffs here and there, as well as a small dent in the front fender. The original Schwinn Stingray tires were tested and were still sturdy. There was some very minor crackling from dry rot on the walls, but overall they were in great shape. The banana seat had two tiny pinhole nicks. There was only one original piece missing: the front reflector was replaced with a novelty vanity plate and was lost. This Schwinn Stingray Fair Lady was sold and now lives in Illinois, probably making some girl (and her dad) very happy. We here at Atomic Space Junk haven’t unearthed any vintage Schwinn Stingray bicycles in our area recently, but the great thing about the internet is that you can find them from dealers all over the country. As you can see from the pictures, this Schwinn Stingray Fair Lady bike was in great condition, and the price reflected that. Others in less-than-excellent condition can be very affordable, and it is amazing what a little elbow grease (and a lot of #0000 steel wool!) can do, so check below for Schwinn Stingray Fair Lady bikes right now on eBay! read more


vintage bike speedometer

Vintage Bicycle Speedometer

This totally cool 1980’s vintage bicycle speedometer from CPC / Cycle Products Company is complete, new and sealed in its original box. Designed for use on ten-speeds, mountain bikes, beach cruisers...anything with a 26 inch - 27 inch wheel diameter. The actual speedometer measures 3 inches x 2 inches x 2 inches and has a chunky retro style, with an easy-to-read dial that monitors bike speed in miles and kilometers. Of course, it also has a built in odometer  mileage counter. Box shows wear and there is actually some dirt and film on the inside of the clear plastic, but the pieces inside are clean. A great little accessory to jazz up you ride! This speedometer sold first week at auction, but you can find a pretty wide variety of classic vintage bicycle speedometers below. read more

Vintage Schwinn Stingray


This  vintage Schwinn Stingray bicycle is complete with all original parts and paint and still in excellent condition. We rescued it (along with a Schwinn Stingray Fair Lady) from a barn and spent many, many hours cleaning and detailing it back to great shape. After all was done, the most significant cosmetic damage was a series of scratches down the left side of the sissy bar. The original Schwinn Stingray tires were tested (rode it around the neighborhood), but there was some crackling from dryrot on the walls. The sparkling blue banana seat had two tiny pinhole nicks in the lower right side, otherwise in perfect condition. There was virtually no rust on this Schwinn Sting Ray bike and it looked absolutely amazing after 33+ years of terrible storage conditions. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see more pics. The beautiful sparkle blue mid-70s vintage Schwinn Stingray got an opening bid of $300 exactly 23 minutes after it was listed.It sold to a very happy individual for about $400.00. Below are more fine examples of this highly-sought-after American Classic. read more

Mongoose Expert Old School BMX Bike

mongoose expert old school bmx

Mongoose Expert

This awesome old-school BMX Mongoose Expert has a classic shiny 4130 chromoly frame and appears to be 100 percent original. It is equipped with a rear Lee Chi caliper brake, SR aluminum hubs, and a killer-looking set of alloy rims with "speed holes" (as Homer Simpson would say) and shiny black inner liners that cover the holes underneath to keep dirt out of the inside of the rims. It has original hand grips and seat, and all the other hardware is original. It looks like the only things missing from this old-school bmx bike are the safety pads, chain guard and front/rear reflector, which is exactly what any self-respecting young BMX addict would have removed and thrown away promptly upon receiving this bike. The wheel reflectors are intact, but you can take those off in a few seconds. This bike is used and the chrome-finish frame shows faint pitting and some light rust here and there. The camera flash really brings attention to these flaws, which really don't seem as bad under normal indoor or outdoor lighting. The tires are probably original, but are also probably worthless. Both sidewalls are rotting away, the front tire is holding air by some miracle of physics and the rear tube's valve is damaged or clogged and won't accept air. They are basically intact for historical and photographic purposes, so have some fun picking out the perfect pair of new-old-stock knobby tires on eBay. The rear freewheel hub is going to need some oiling and possible cleaning; it works ok, but definitely has been sitting around for a couple of decades. The chain is also very rusty and looks like it requires attention. The alloy rims have some scuffs and scratches, and the spokes show some rust spots and pitting, but the rims are straight. The brakes are also still in great working condition, the cable and mechanics all work smoothly. Overall, this Mongoose Expert is actually in really good shape for its age. It was cleaned for hours and, with a pair of tires and tubes and some light drive train maintenance, is ready to ride. Some light restoration work would really make it sparkle like it was 1985 again. Well, someone obviously agreed with us, because this Mongoose Expert sold and was shipped back to its homeland in California. Check out some more vintage Mongoose Expert bikes below. read more