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oneal old chest protector

This O'Neal Rok Blok vintage BMX / dirt bike motocross chest protector is definitely used, but still in very good condition. All of the decals are intact and in good shape, all straps and hinges are structurally sound, no plastic is cracked or broken. I think it was a large, I can't remember for sure. There is no size marking on it, but it still fits me pretty good and my size is large tall. The red fabric shows dirt and stains which we have not attempted to clean, and though the plastic has some scuffs and scratches, it is very clean and white. The interior foam rubber strips are worn and discolored, but still serve their purpose. A very useful, very stylish, and very hard-to-find vintage accessory for dirt track jumpers. read more

Riedell Red Wing Vintage Roller Skates & Vanguard Zinger Wheels


Riedell Red Wing Roller Skates & Vanguard Zinger Wheels

This super-tough pair of vintage roller skates have Riedell Red Wing uppers, Chicago Skates aluminum plates and Vanguard Zingers speed wheels. These Riedell skates were a hard-to-find men's size 14 in a simple and ominous black color. The 57mm x 40mm Zingers have a really cool 2-tone green color that I have never seen before. Check out the authentic retro '80s shoe laces! Find genuine Vanguard Zingers and vintage Riedell Red Wing roller skates for sale below. read more


guaranty enterprize bicycle

This beautiful and hard-to-find vintage Guaranty Bicycle, the Guaranty Enterprize 26" bicycle is all original and was detailed for hours on end, resulting in a shiny and stylish cruiser ready for riding. The original paint job is a cool "candy apple" brown with tiny shimmery glitter flecks in the paint. It is equipped with a comfortable and well-built Troxel bike seat, matching brown Hunt Wilde grips, ACS fender rack and Shimano Synchron brakes and 3 speed shifter. read more


vintage schwinn traveler bicycle

This 1962 vintage Schwinn Traveler bicycle 26 inch coaster bike is all original and complete with the Schwinn-installed Miller England friction generator headlight and taillight. The bicycle was very-well-cared for, had only one prior owner, and was meticulously cleaned and detailed for many, many hours. It is in excellent working condition, including the light!. The original Schwinn Straight Side Sports Touring tires showed very little wear or age and should last for a very long time to come. The frame was very strong with no bent, stressed or cracked tubes or seams. There was virtually no rust on the bike (thanks to a whole bag of #0000 steel wool and my tired arms!), but there was speckling/pitting in some of the chrome parts. The original shimmery blue paint was intact, but had a sort of mottled look under close inspection. The plastic headlamp cover was cracked, but still strong. There was a quarter size dent in the rear fender. Overall, there were no glaring cosmetic flaws and it's in beautiful shape for a bike that is five decades old and ridden for many years. We sold this early ‘60s Schwinn survivor to a happy biker in Texas, but the Schwinn Traveler and other vintage Schwinn bicycles are always available on eBay. read more