sony 8FC-55W This vintage alarm clock radio model Sony 8FC-55W has a lighted analog dial, Telechron clock movement, and receives AM and FM radio signals. As you know we have and bring you the best and coolest vintage, mid century and retro electronics in the world such as this killer radio.  It rests in a real wood veneer cabinet and sits elevated on modern black pencil leg-shaped plastic feet. It has quintessential Mid-Century style and would make a sleek, yet comforting and nostalgic accessory in any decor.
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Is the Sony 8FC-55W Cool Looking?

The Sony 8FC-55W clock face is lighted, giving off a faint orange glow which is barely noticeable in daylight. It looks beautiful and has no flaws. This thing is awesome.  It will make your vintage hi set look the best in the world.  

What is the best way to clean the Sony 8FC-55W?  Well, do not use abrasive pads on the clock portion of the clear acrylic cover plate. Only use non abrasive products on it.  It is vintage and old, but not made of steel.  It has withstood the test of time, but let us not push it. The clock face is now duller than the rest of the surface and visible scratches can be seen. There are also a few scuffs and dings in the edges of the wood cabinet. Overall, it is very clean and in excellent working condition. The 9-transistor radio gets very good reception on both AM and FM bands and sounds very good for its age and size…its a Sony, after all! It measures 11.75 inches x 6 inches x 4.5 inches.  This Sony 8FC-55W is a great buy.

Looking for a Sony 8FC-55W?

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