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vintage honeywell thermostatsUsing Vintage Thermostats for a furnace heating & central air conditioning system is an easy way to add authentic retro style to your existing home decor. The thermostat is pretty much used on a daily basis, so instead of having to look at and mess with those ugly plastic digital boxes, why not make your temperature adjustments on one that was aesthetically designed and one with a genuine sense of nostalgia? We here at have seen the value in seemingly “mundane” vintage household electronics like thermostats for years because they have loads more style than their “modern” counterparts, they had a higher standard of manufacturing and design quality, and they still work (sometimes better than the new version)…so why not appreciate them?


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Honeywell Vintage Thermostat

This 1977 Honeywell Chronotherm model T8082A vintage thermostat is unused and complete in the orginal box with all instructions, packaging, mounting hardware, and the Q682A Switching Subbase, which can be mounted to the back of the existing thermostat for both furnace and central air conditioning functions. The T8082Ahas an attractive brushed aluminum face plate, gold-tone plastic shell and a highly stylish retro modern look. Manufactured in 1977, it was the first quartz timer device from Honeywell. Scroll down to read more…[phpbay]vintage thermostat, , 11700, oven stove yogurt, , , , , , , , , , , , [/phpbay]Though it was never used, the original “rechargable” battery corroded while installed inside the unit. The green acid damaged the finish on one side of the plastic casing. I have done some research and found this battery controls the clock and the timer function, but has nothing to do with the furnace and air conditioner controls, so the actual thermostat works on the house wiring and is not affected in any way. I also read about this model on the Honeywell website, honeywell vintage thermostat batteryand it stated that “This Chronotherm employed a self-starting quartz clock with a battery backup in case of power failures”, so it just might work when it is wired up. The instruction manual shows directions for changing the battery, but does not state what type of replacement battery (there are codes on the battery itself, and it appears to be a 2.2 volt). The wires that were once soldered to the tips of the battery are loose now, but everything else inside appears to be in perfect shape. Basically, it should work fine as a replacement for any standard thermostat, new or old, and someone with beginner electrical experience should be able to solder a new backup battery into the unit. Thermostat box measures 6.75 inches x 3.5 inches x 2.25 inches.

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