Westinghouse Riviera Vintage Electric Fan

westinghouse riviera vintage electric fanThis Atomic Age Westinghouse Riviera vintage electric fan is not only one of the neatest looking fans ever designed, it is also one of the best-working fans we have ever experienced. The Westinghouse Riviera vintage electric fan has a powerful wind tunnel effect that seems to shoot a blast of air in a straight line. The futuristic aerodynamic quality of the housing and blade cover grill not only look a jet engine, but must have something to do with the sheer power in this compact 10-inch blade fan. This Westinghouse Riviera model R-1500 is an early version, with solid steel chrome tubular legs and hinges. The all-plastic housing is molded in classic Machine Age putty gray, and the metal blades and motor are painted to match. We meticulously cleaned this Westinghouse Riviera inside and out, like we do with all vintage electric fans we rescue.

Buy A Westinghouse Riviera Vintage Electric Fan

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The popular Westinghouse MobilAire is the big brother to the Riviera, with a Similar aerodynamic body shape…

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It has original electrical wiring and an old-fashioned open plug. The wiring looks fine, but the plug might look a bit scary to some people. It has been left intact for history’s sake, but you can purchase a modern plug tip for a couple of dollars. We have it all.  The snap-on style plugs only take a couple of minutes to install and are easy enough for anyone to replace on this Westinghouse Fan.