Space Age White Retro Televisions

Retro Television sets are an instant conversation piece for your Mid-Century Modern home decor style. The retro televisons of the 1970s have futuristic Space Age designs, and some are really far out. A favorite style has always been the classic white cabinet. They are clean and modern with genuine vintage style, and they were built to last. Check out our collection of white retro television sets and find some swank vintage TV sets for sale.

sears space age vintage tv


Sears Space Age White Retro Television

Shown above…Sears made a lot of pretty wild and futuristic-looking electronics in the late ’70s, and this Sears brand vintage color TV is no exception. It has awesome space age style and is in excellent working condition. The TV has an off-white cream-color beige shell with black accents and a 9-inch color screen. A detachable rabbit-ear antenna adds to the retro look. Very cutting-edge for its day, it has a coaxial cable input, so the only need for a 75-300 ohm adapter is to attach the analog antenna. The original adapter is included, so you can still hook up your old Atari 2600 with ease. Automatic Frequency Control switch under the volume/contrast allows you to “lock in” an analog broadcast signal (we are unable to test the AFC feature, or the reception for that matter, as analog TV signals are no longer used in the U.S). Brightness, contrast, and tint controls are conveniently located on top of the unit. It has a very post modern look, perfectly at home in any retro ’70s sci-fi decor. It measures 13 inches x 14 inches x 11 inches.

white vintage tv

Panasonic Retro White Televisions

This Panasonic 1970s Space Age vintage TV has an ultra-modern white shell and a 12-inch color screen. The Panasonic Quintrix II color model CT-218 vintage TV has picture-sharpening Quintrix technology, which “makes you feel like you’re part of the picture” (as Panasonic said in 1978).It has a very cool retro Space Odyssey appearance, thanks to its 2-tone color scheme, off-white plastic cabinet and stylish flat pedestal base. The UHF and VHF channel displays are a pleasant back lit fluorescent green. It is, of course, equipped with classic old-school screw post terminals on the back so you can hook up your Atari 2600 or equivalent retro gaming console. This Quintrix II vintage TV was a pretty high-tech piece of equipment for its day. In addition to the standard UHF/VHF terminals, it also has a genuine coaxial cable input, a rare feature for a 1970s vintage TV. Use it to connect a VCR, DVD player, Nintendo NES, Sega Genesis, etc.  This vintage TV was manufactured in Japan in 1978. It measures 18 inches x 14.5 inches x 13.25 inches.

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Panasonic white retro television This amazing space age white 12 inch vintage panasonic black & white tv is still in beautiful condition for it’s age. This 1977 model TR-822 was barely used and is complete with unbroken antenna and the original acrylic protective screen cover, which are usually heavily scratched, cracked or missing (which means they must have done their job!). It only has the old fashioned screw post terminals on the back, so you will need to spend a few dollars at the local electronics store to connect a coaxial cable. It has a retro futuristic Space Odyssey style, especially with the sleek screen cover. The entire unit measures 16.25 inches x 11.75 inches x 11.25 inches.





white retro television set

General Electric Vintage White Televisions

This vintage General Electric black & white television has a white shell and retro space age style. Small and lightweight, the GE Performance tv model 12XB9104V has an 11.5 inch screen and measures 15 inches x 12.5 inches x 11.75 inches. We found this one in a barn. It was well-used and showed moderate wear and tear, scuffs and scratches, and a spotty aluminum faceplate. The antenna end was broken off and the rest of the telescoping part is stuck inside (classic!). Despite it’s rugged appearance, we cleaned it meticulously and it turned out to looking quite nice. It has the standard picture controls, including brightness, contrast, horizontal & vertical hold, and height adjustment. It accepts a coaxial input, but you will need a simple 300-75 ohm adaptor as the back of the tv is equipped only with the old-fashioned screws (a few dollars at the Radio Shack). It makes a funky and stylish monitor screen for security or novelty purposes and is great for playing Pong.


white retro television

Here’s an odd one…this retro 1980s MPO color TV / monitor is actually a Quasar / Panasonic vintage television, customized and streamlined by MPO Videotronics for commercial/marketing applications. It was originally sold as a TV/VCR two-piece set that MPO labelled the 1010B. The VCR is long gone, but the TV includes the original padded carrying bag and MPO instruction manual. It has a 10.5 inch color screen and amazing space age 1980s contempo style. Basically, it looks like a television version of the classic Sony Dream Machine white cube clock radio. The TV originally had a standard beige / off-white plastic shell, but MPO refinished the entire cabinet with a whiter, paler color. The TV looks awesome, with a sleek no-knob design, smooth rounded corners, and baby blue accents. An elaborate control panel allows the user to adjust and lock the picture quality for each individual channel. It was cutting-edge equipment when it was manufactured, and has a “modern” coaxial cable/antenna input instead of the old screw terminals, so no 75-300 ohm adapter is required. The antenna even has a funky marble-size ball on the tip to add extra fun to the already bubble-like shape of the TV. Entire unit measures 11 inches x 10 inches x 13 inches.

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