wilson jones hummer hole punch

The Wilson Jones Hummer…a vintage office classic

This vintage Wilson Jones Hummer 3-hole punch is heavy-duty and highly desirable. The Wilson Jones Hummer has three fully adjustable punches and cuts clean 3/8 inch holes through up to 20 sheets of paper at a time. The platform includes a raised embossed ruler guide and an additional slide-out ruler/paper guide. The unit is equipped with a steel tray punched hole collector that that snaps into place underneath. This weighty piece of Machine Age office equipment has a classic industrial gray enamel coating and looks great just sitting on the desk.  The base plate dimensions are 10 5/8 inches x 5 3/4 inches.  This particular model had been recently oiled and was in very good, clean, smooth-working condition. Showing only faint wear and no rust or corrosion, this Wilson Junes Hummer 3 hole punch sold the first week.  We have sold three Hummers so far, and always have our eyes peeled for them. Made in the USA, the Wilson Jones Hummer 3-hole punch is built to withstand decades of use…really! They aren’t the easiest to find, but they do show up on eBay now and then, and usually for less than the cost of an ugly “modern” Chinese model from the local office supply store! Check below to see if there are any Wilson Jones Hummers for sale now!

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Make office work a little more fun with a Wilson Jones Hummer!